All black, I love it! As we speak, I am sending a lot of job application letters in search for a nice job. To be honest, I can’t wait to work full time. I would say, I’m ready for a new life. To be continued..
skirt – newyorker | sweater – local market | shoes – supertrash | watch – local store | necklace – h&m


With all the black and white trends -which is totally for me-, there comes a point I need something different. Mostly it’s when the seasons are changing. I always get a little restless and want to try out something different. Normally I am not that colorful person, but I make an exception once in a while. 

shoes – claes iversen&blink | pants – h&m | top – h&m | jacket – toxica | clutch – primark | necklace – vila

ph/ Tamara Meijer


‘To get ready for a new season, you have to say goodbye to the one that past.’ 
A sentence with a double meaning I think.. 

It looks like we’ve had the last summer day already. Past by way to soon. I really have to get used to this cold and rainy weather. Like it feels a bit uncomfortable to wear my boots and cozy sweaters yet. So no better time for a summer outfit. Just to remember the good we’ve had..

top – h&m | skirt – vintage | earrings – primark | clutch – vintage | watch – souris d’or

Ph/ by Tamara Meijer



You’ve probably heard about the collaboration between the shoe brand Blink and the danish-dutch designer Claes Iversen. They designed 4 gorgeous and affordable black limited editions. Normally designer shoes are above my budget and since I immediately fell in love with this collection, me and my bank account are both happy now. :)

Since they came in about a week ago, it took me a while to decide whether to take this pair or the other with the fringes. Maybe you have seen it on Instragram or Facebook, I clicked them home both. But, the decision is made! When it comes to shoes, I always first take a look at my wardrobe and then decide which one fits best. Even though I like the ones with the fringes, I think this pair is definitely what they say ‘less is more’. 

necklace – VILA | shoes – Blink by Claes Iversen



While I am that kinda woman who always wears heels -the higher the better, but still possible to walk on:) – I caught myself I was buying more flat shoes this summer -like the sandals I showed on Instagram lately- than heels. For a long time I couldn’t find nice, elegant flat shoes, because I find heels always more attractive and feminine. Well that time is over, because lately this summer I turned the whole other way and wear flat shoes, sandals, loafers or what ever almost every day, except for the nights I am going out, always heels! About the loafers, I am definitely a huge fan of loafers! I think they are by far the most fashionable, comfortable and elegant shoes you can wear during all seasons. Anyway, I am glad to show you this everyday look with heels, which are actually really comfortable to walk on. :)

tanktop – H&M | blouse – H&M Trend | pants – Zara | shoes – Zara | clutch – Primark | bracelets – Forever 21 & Primark  

Ph/ by Tamara Meijer



Besides my slightly addiction to heels -ok huge-, I also have some big sympathy for black. It’s a very strong color – officially black isn’t a color-, it fits just with everything and for some reason black is always the better option. Or has it become the lazy option for ‘stylish’? Well, with the right combination of materials -leather, jersey, denim, woven materials etc.- you can even create a good look that’s all black. So who says its boring? Besides that, one of the trends this season is black&white in all forms, like chic with soft silk or more casual with denim and jersey. Since the biggest part of my wardrobe currently contains black and most of the pieces I would still wear these days, I think it will never fade away. So the new black will be black, forever. 

jacket – Toxic3 | sandals – Mallorca | wedges – Sting | bag – Mango




Maybe you have already seen the photo on Facebook where I was wearing this outfit to the Modefabriek. Its a half-yearly -very big- fair thats organized for all kind of brands to show their collections to potential buyers. Because there are so many brands together at one place, for me it was a great opportunity to speak with some people and maybe look for a job. Currently I am still working as a fitting model, which started at Supertrash 2,5 years ago. I had such a great time there that I decided to also contact other brands and companies to fit their collections. As a fitting model, you get to learn so much about the developing process of the collections that includes design, fit, fabrics, patterns etc. For me, that makes it so interesting to do this job for different brands, because all have a different approach

Anyway, to make a long story short, at the fair I met very nice brands that might offer some new possibilities to work with. (Also I got very much compliments about the loafers I was wearing.) I absolutely love them!!

Clothes – all Zara  |  Bag – Zara  |  Bracelets – Forever 21 & Mallorca (Spain)  |  Belt – Mango

Photos by Tamara Meijer



Flash.. Back! And that’s what this post is about. While the site is under construction, I decided to keep you guys updated and put some photo’s together which show you what I’ve been up to lately. Enjoy!   

What do you see?

1. The awesome Supertrash fashionshow FW/13
2. Spijkers & Spijkers SIS fashionshow FW/13
3. The winter edition of the Modefabriek for some inspiration, trends and networking
4. SO PR pressday
5. Fashionshow Tony Cohen FW/13
… And in between I…
6. Decorated my home
7. Raised the dog I rescued (Jacky)
8. Studied a lot so I can finally graduate in September!! :)



From the left to the right: Primark, ZARA, ZARA, Mango, ZARA

To be honest, I didn’t realized I bought that much shoes in the past weeks. And I’m already looking for another pair of nice high boots. The problem is that the result of my addiction to heels is that.. yes.. I buy lots of high heels. So now for a change I’m looking for a pair of comfy boots, which are still elegant. I was thinking about wedges. Do you have any suggestions? For now, my new shoes will do I guess. :)